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Monday, April 5, 2010

Live Your DREAM Life

I wouldn't categorize myself as a "fan" of Deepak Chopra, as being a fanatic over something or especially someone is almost indicative of having a lack of self-definition, and generally something I try to avoid.  I could allow being referred to as a habituĂ© of his Agni website, however, where this month the feature is "Living your DREAM Life." Here is an acrostical preview of what the lifestyle revolves around: 


I found it more than mildly appropriate to make a referral to it.  Not only did Mr. Chopra use a parallel name to this dreamzine project, this endless present, but the ideas behind it are very integral to living the ideal, balanced life that allows one's dreams to be fully functional.  Therefore, I am giving you the aforementioned  referral to his Agni website; found here.

I'd also like to highlight the fact that next Wednesday, April 14, at 14:00 (PST) they are offering a free Live Your Dream Life webinar.  Check out the website for full details from a spiritual & well-being guru who wants you to live the life of your DREAMs.  

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