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Monday, April 12, 2010

IASD, Art Contest 2010

Making art from your dreams, as This Endless Present Dreamzine encourages you to, can have a double reward!  The International Association for the Study of Dreaming has an annual conference, this year held in Ashville, North Carolina, June 27-July 1.   Not only is this an extremely interesting event for those of us interested in dreaming, but additionally, part of the conference includes an art contest for art inspired by dreams!

I encourage you to submit art to this contest, as this is a great opportunity to get your name and your art out into the world; also, the cash prizes wouldn't hurt... :)

Find more information here as soon as possible for more information about the contest, as the submission deadline is approaching quickly.  And please, remember your roots by mentioning the zine and url, and of course, by submitting your art to This Endless Present Dreamzine, too! 

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