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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dream Analyzation, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

My friend Carol had the following dream, at a time when her life felt like it was careening out of control:

She was a passenger on a bus.  Bruce Springsteen was driving.  Suddenly Springsteen pulled over, handed Carol the keys, and bolted.  In the dream, Carol was panicking.  How could she drive this huge rolling Greyhound?  By now all the passengers were staring.  Clearly no one else was gonna step forward and take charge.  Carol took the wheel.  To her amazement, she found she could handle it.

Later, analyzing the dream, she figured Bruce Springsteen was "The Boss."  The boss of her psyche.  The bus was the vehicle of her life.  The Boss was telling Carol it was time to take the wheel.  More than that, the dream, by actually setting her down in the driver's seat and letting her feel that she could control the vehicle on the road, was providing her with a simulator run, to prime her with the confidence that she could actually take command in her life.

A dream like that is real support.  It's a check you can cash when you sit down, alone, to do your work.

P.S. When your deeper Self delivers a dream like that, don't talk about it.  Don't dilute its power.  The dream is for you.  It's between you and your Muse.  Shut up and use it.

The only exception is, you may share it with another comrade-in-arms, if sharing it will help or encourage that comrade in his or her endeavors.

-Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

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